Невозможно - это не приговор. Это вызов.
New Generation: Kurenai Yuzuru

by さゆみ

"At first glance she looks cool, but inside the heart
of Kurenai Yuzuru a crimson flame is always burning!!!◊"*

Please briefly state your strong point.
I can think positively at any time!!!

Please briefly state your weak point.
won't think of the consequences of things, and don't notice when I've
about to run smack into a wall, and so I run swiftly at it (laughs).

Tell us about something that happened during the Music School exams.
the last interview, there's a chance to impress the teachers with "my
special skill!!!", so I had thought of a haiku to use as my special
skill the day before. But then I forgot what my haiku had been, so I
stood in front of the teachers for about five minutes... staring at the
ceiling and trying to recall; then I remembered it all of a sudden and
I was so happy that I repeated it over and over again in a really loud
voice. The teachers all burst out laughing (laughs).

Tell us about something that happened during a show to leave a strong impression on you.
my hatsubutai, when the curtain rose I truly felt "I made it into
Takarazuka!!!", and I was so happy and joyful that I felt I was going
to cry.

What's interesting about otokoyaku?
Thinking from a man's standpoint, how he would feel things.

If you were to play a female role, what kind of role would you like to do?
Carmen, from "Gekijou" ["Passion -Jose and Carmen-"].

What have you been told lately, regarding the stage, which made you happy?
I was told that the black tailcoat suited me.

Books you've read, CDs you've listened to, DVDs you've seen, shows, concerts, movies or other things you've seen recently?
I often read Ehara Hiroyuki's spiritual books. For CDs, I like the healing type, and listen to them often.

What do you do to recover if you're down?
I go to the spa, and then do nothing but sauna -> cold bath, sauna -> cold bath... over and over again.

Tell us your latest news.
I've gotten really into aromotherapy.

Please give us some simple PR about the features of this book.
Look at the Star Troupe New Generation thoroughly!!!

* This is a play on her name. 紅 (Kurenai) means "crimson".